DownTicketDems, like all many ideas was born around the kitchen table. I was working on a primary campaign for a candidate for the US House of Representatives in early 2008 in North Carolina when Barack Obama was gaining momentum. The NC primary was set for May 2008 against a fellow Democrat who was fairly well known in a very Republican district. My candidate was basically unknown and if we won the primary, we would be up against a Republican running for her 8th term. We embodied “Hope” and prayed for “Cataclysmic Change“. We were discussing that age old question “How do we get our candidate’s name out there?” I announced to the group, “Well that’s easy, we get up very early in the morning, head down to the train station with coffee and donuts and start shaking hands.” One of the Advisors looked at me like I had just cured cancer. Charlotte’s light rail was brand new and so was the concept of commuting to work in something other than your car. In Charlotte, no one thought about the train station. I spent much of my adult life commuting into New York City. Political candidates have been meeting commuters on train platforms in the North since the mid 1800’s.

It was one of those “what if” moments when I suddenly thought, “What if I could bring all of the DownTicketDems and their campaign workers together who were sitting at a kitchen tables all over America to help each other win elections.” If I could build a community where candidates and campaign workers could participate while giving them access to experts, suppliers, and training we could win more elections.

DownTicketDems is my dream and my passion. I truly believe that the paradigm has shifted. In 2008, ordinary people took control of political process and elected Barack Obama President. My goal for the DownTicketDems community is to demystify the process of running for office by providing education, support and access to political experts in order to win more elections.

I hope you decide to become an active part of our community.