Advertise Your Campaign Effectively ……for Free by Bruce Michael Dietzen

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Advertise Your Campaign Effectively ……for Free by Bruce Michael Dietzen

If you’re like many candidates, you can’t afford TV spots, let alone a healthy barrage of Internet, radio or print advertising. But you still need to get the word out… You still need visibility.  Fortunately there’s an incredibly powerful way to do so… and it won’t cost you a penny.

All you need is a Facebook Page (free), and a volunteer (free) who already owns a digital camera or a smart phone with a photo/video application (also free).

You’re already planning a series of events, which of course aren’t free, so it’s essential that you engage the free resources mentioned above to help you make the most of these events.

First off, start by creating and promoting your events on your Facebook page.  Then, at every event, have pictures taken of all of the attendees.  Whenever possible, have the photos be of you and your supporters (if everyone is wearing campaign t-shirts it’s a big plus).  Make sure your photographer writes down the names of every person photographed in the order in which they are taken and gets the correct spelling of their names.

The day after each event, upload these photos to your Facebook Page, and tag every single supporter’s image.  Tagging each supporter’s image is critical.  In order to tag these photos, either you or another administrator of your Facebook page needs to be Facebook friends of these supporters.  If you’re not already Facebook friends with some of your supporters, you can send them a friend request.  And if you haven’t been proactive in building your Facebook friend list, read this and get on it immediately.

Here is what happens next.  Every time someone’s photo is tagged, that photo and a link back to the Facebook page where it resides is sent to the news streams of their friends, and the average Facebook user has 130 friends each.  So if you add and tag photos of a mere 100 supporters that attended your events,  13,000 images of people smiling, shaking your hand, or wearing your campaign t-shirt, or holding up a bumper sticker… (all of which are effectively endorsements) will be delivered.

The impact of doing this can make the difference between winning and losing, as I suspect it did for this candidate.  The reason is simple: we all know that a picture’s worth a thousand words right?  Most voters won’t come to a “meet the candidates” forum to hear you speak, but they most certainly will pay attention to a photo of a friend that shows up in their Facebook news feed.  And when they do, they will also see you in the photo, or their friend wearing your campaign t-shirt!

So follow me here on the math, so you see how powerful this is.  Once again, if “a picture’s worth a thousand words,” and your 100 pictures are delivered to an average of 130 friends each, that’s 13,000 pictures delivered.  If each of those 13,000 pictures delivered are worth 1,000 words, collectively they are worth a total of 13 million words.  That’s a lot of words!  And keep in mind, it hasn’t cost you a penny.

There simply is no cheaper, or easier way to get the word out.  And on top of that, this kind of advertising is “friend to friend,” so it’s much better received than any other type of advertising.

If you don’t have a Facebook page yet, you absolutely have to get one now, because the sooner you build a presence on Facebook, the better.  And if you aren’t making it a major priority to capture, add and tag supporter’s photos to your page, you absolutely have to start now.

I know there are still a few of you out there that still think Facebook is just for games and a waste of time.  And that’s the attitude Nixon probably had about television in 1960.  So get over it.  And if you’re just not familiar with using Facebook, or how to tag photos,or ask any teenager for help.  You’ll be surprised how easy it is.

PS… Ready to take it to the next level?   Check out these supporter endorsement videos.  They’re a little more work, but can also be captured at events.

Bruce Michael Dietzen creates custom Facebook Pages for political candidates, which engage online supporters to take positive online actions. 305 394 1105


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