Blue Sample Ballots by Mark L. Coggins

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Blue Sample Ballots by Mark L. Coggins

Mark L Coggins

If you are running in a down-ticket race, it is critical that you have volunteers handing out Blue Ballots at the polls. This post was intended for North Carolina but the basic information applies to all states. Please check with your state Board of Elections for specific requirements. 

I’m trying to get every county in North Carolina to use the following:

Blue Sample Ballots

I’m sharing the Blue Sample Ballots with you so we can elected Democrats in November. Blue Sample Ballots are better that yard signs, handouts, fliers or TV ads, because the voter has the list of Democratic candidates when they go in to vote. I have sent this to all local and state Democratic Parties as well as other Democratic organizations so we can turn North Carolina and Nation Blue. We must do everything possible to give the GOP candidates their Pink Slip.

Simple Steps

  1. Get an official Sample Ballot from your local Board of Election, here in North Carolina we can’t get the General Election ballot until around October 1.
  2. We must do the following in order to help the voters select the right candidates. a. Design your own Blue Sample Ballot or have a local print shop design it for you. b. Print one of the following as per your requirement on the top or bottom of the sheet: Not a Official Sample Ballot, Not Produced by the ________________________ Board of Elections or Paid for by ______________________ . c. Print on the Sample Ballot who paid for it. d Along the left side print – Sample Ballot if required. e . Also if you have room in the right or left upper corner place your Organization’s, Logo. f. Print the names of all Democratic Candidates in large bold letters ( 12 or 14 points ), the other candidates names in very small letters (8 or 10 points ). g. On the top of the page note the following: NOTE: You can take this sample ballot into the polling place.
  3. Print the sample ballot on Lite Blue Paper, the sample ballots for political parties can’t be on white paper in North Carolina.
  4. Determine the number of Blue Sample Ballots that your party will need for early voting and the General Elections and get quotes. Have a couple of people proof read the sample ballot.
  5. Assign volunteers to the early voting sites to hand out the Blue Sample Ballots. Assign volunteers as needed for each voting site. Split the day into 4 periods so everyone gets a break.
  6. Get the voters to the polls, If DEMOCRATS VOTE WE WIN.
  7. As a special touch have everyone wear Blue at the polls, have a many volunteers as possible at the polls, get the candidate’s helpers to hand them out as well.
  8. Hand a Blue Sample Ballot to EVERY VOTER. No matter what some voters may say to you at the polls be nice to them at all times and thank them for voting when they come out of the polling place. Remember they are still our friends and neighbors, before and after the election. I can never hate anyone, but I will report anyone that breaks the rules or laws, or tries to keep anyone from voting or harm them. Let the Law take care of the law breakers. Everyone should have your local police phone number on your cell phone, as well as the number for your local Democratic Party office.
  9. Turn the Nation Blue! So the GOP will have a very blue Monday on November 13, 2016.

Candidates and the local and state Democratic Parties can pool their funding and volunteers in order to make sure everything is covered. This way we can fight ALEC. I would like to ask you to share this with every candidate, state and local Democratic Parties. Copy or make changes as you see fit for the needs of your party or organization.

Note: Here in Lee County, NC all Board of Elections are controlled by the republicans as well as across the state, therefore you may have someone try and tell you that you can’t use Blue Sample Ballots or hand them out. Do not believe them, use them anyway!


Mark Coggins

Lee County, NC


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  • Bridget McCurry

    Great info! We do this, but you’ve got extra tips and it’s nice to have all the info in one place! Sending to the printer!