Consistency is Crucial in Campaigns by Dotty LeMieux

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Consistency is Crucial in Campaigns by Dotty LeMieux

Dotty LeMieux 2013

Is your campaign look, feel and messaging consistent in all media? That is, does your sign have your logo and the same color theme as your website? Do your email blasts to supporters and volunteers use the same look, maybe coupled with a picture of you that is the same as on the website and in your materials?

Does your mail continue the theme with logo, photos and messaging?

Make sure you are consistent in all things to do with your campaign, and you won’t confuse the voters, or worse, send mixed messages or give the impression your campaign is sloppy or seat of the pants, not well organized and thoughtful.

Below are some examples of a successful coordinated campaign in signs, website and messaging:


Richard Benson’s sign for Assessor in Marin County, California

Benson mail mock up

Benson logo at top of home page

Dotty E. LeMieux runs GreenDog Campaigns, a full service consulting firm in northern California.   LeMieux’s advice has taken women and first time candidates to victory in tough elections.   She also gives training seminars to candidates and their staffs and is available for consultation. Dotty has taught Practical Politics at the College of Marin and trained activists for groups such as The Sierra Club, Democratic Party, National Women’s Political Caucus, Emerge California and others.

See her new blog for the savvy political woman with sass!  Campaign Slut

Green Dog Campaigns           8 Willow Street         San Rafael, CA 94901



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