Derogatory Comments by Mario Piscatella

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Derogatory Comments by Mario Piscatella

Mario Piscatella 2015

The number of petty, insulting, offensive, and otherwise derogatory remarks being used to try to make the case that one candidate is better than another is both expected and disappointing. Just another primary season, right?

It is also incredibly ineffective. If there is anything to learn from Bernie Sanders, the candidate, it’s that you win more love by making the positive case than you do by dishing out the insults.  It’s really sad when someone does a good job of assembling the positive argument and then slides in an offensive jab that ruins the whole damn thing.

And no, you shouldn’t be using derogatory depictions of the opposing candidate, their surrogates, supporters, etc. (or the Chairwoman of the DNC)

The picture you should use? The one you would use if that was the candidate you support. Be the best version of yourself when advocating for your candidate and you will win more support.


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