FCC Enforcement Division Targets Rogue Robocall Vendors by Brad Chism

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FCC Enforcement Division Targets Rogue Robocall Vendors by Brad Chism

Brad Chism Zata3

Last week the Federal Communications Commission signaled its intent to crack down on fly-by-night robocalls and text messaging vendors with an Enforcement Advisory. The unusually strong FCC document signals a change from when only the most egregious dirty tricks with robocalls and texting were prosecuted.

This FCC advisory comes as political campaigns and consultants are increasingly bombarded with offers of one cent robocalls from individuals hoping to make a quick buck in an industry where much is forgotten after November 6th.

We don’t sell one cent robocalls. We charge a little more to make sure we do them legally, to make sure your script resonates with voters, and to run the calling program to maximize the number of people who hear your message. We believe you get what you pay for.

Here are some reminders about robocalls and texting from the FCC Enforcement Advisory:

  1. Robocalls must disclose who is paying for the call.
  2. Robocalls must give phone number and name of committee
  3. The telephony must be modern—the computer must release the line within 5 seconds of a hang up
  4. If robocalls are made to a business, the call can’t dial multiple lines of same business at one time.
  5. No text messaging to cell phones without preexisting relationships
  6. No robocalls to cell phones without preexisting relationships

We’ve developed a useful 10 Questions to Ask Your Robocall Firm checklist for use in the coming weeks. Click here if you would like us to send you the checklist.

In the meantime, please remember that no matter how badly you want to win, an anonymous robocall naming your opponent’s mistress could cost more than the rest of your entire campaign combined:  The fine for failure to disclose who is paying for the robocalls is up to $16,000 per record.

Brad Chism, Partner and Senior Strategist of Zata|3 Consulting. Zata|3 helps elect Democrats and advance progressive causes by integrating telephone voter contact programs with a campaign’s other messaging. Zata|3 offers a full range of automated and live calling programs, from the initial ID call to the final GOTV message. Other services to reach your targeted voters include: SMS (text) messaging, Zata|Forum™ Telephone Town Halls, Zata|Pulse® Interactive Automated Surveys, and, coming soon, web-based Zata|Live™ Video Forum Town Halls.

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