How to Write the Perfect Phone Script by Joe Fuld

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How to Write the Perfect Phone Script by Joe Fuld

Joe Fuld

There are lots of types of phone scripts. Whether you goal is GOTV, persuasion or ID phone calls, live or robo. Here are the basic questions to ask, to make sure you write the perfect phone script:

What is the goal? What are you trying to do with your call? Do you want to persuade voters or Identify supporters? No matter the call, a simple phone script is not hard to write. The key is to make sure you pick one clear goal for your call. The more things you are trying to do the less a voter will understand it.

Who will be making the calls? There are benefits and problems with every type of caller. Professional callers are not as personal as volunteers, but can do a lot of calls in a very short period of time. Well-trained volunteers are the best callers you can get. But even with todays predictive dial technology, like NGP VAN and Call Fire, you still can’t get calls done as quickly as professional callers. But with good training and modern technology you can have great quality calls and make more calls than ever before.

ROBO calls have been over used but still have a strategic place when you need to reinforce a message from a spokesperson or you just don’t have any other options. Make sure you pick the right messenger. Sometimes it is not the big celebrity or elected official that moves a voter, but a local activist or organization member who speaks to your target.

Who is the target? One of the key points in writing the perfect phone script is to make sure you speak to the target. You are wasting money and effort if your script does not connect with your voter.

What is the one thing you want folks to know? Clarity of message is key in a call. You want as short a script as possible that conveys your message.

What would you like to find out? Are trying to figure out who supports you? Who will turn out? Who will give you money? A calling program can answer some of these questions and more.

Will this call make difference? A final thought before you put the money or volunteer time into a call: make sure the call will make a real difference by accomplishing a goal, identifying voters and persuading them. Whatever the goal, if the call won’t achieve it, don’t do the call.

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