Make Your Site Feel Alive by Carlos Odio

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Make Your Site Feel Alive by Carlos Odio

Carlos Odio

Organizing is, at its core, about people. Yet I often see campaign websites and emails from advocacy organizations that lack any kind of human connection. Thankfully, it’s a problem that can be easily fixed with one simple element: Photos of people.

  • Use lots of photos of real people. You don’t want to come across as a ghost town. You want to show that your website and online community is a living, dynamic community full of people just like the ones you’re trying to organize.

  • Have photos everywhere. Obviously you don’t want to make your site cluttered or have visual pollution, but if there’s a spot where you could have a photo, take advantage.

  • Represent your community. Make sure the photos reflect the sort of users you want to attract. They’ll send a message about who your site is geared towards. If you want to attract young people…have photos of young people!

  • Be authentic. Don’t fall into tokenism or forced diversity. Represent your real community. The best way: use photos from real events you’ve put together. Which leads to the last point…

  • Take lots of photos at your events. Sure, you can use Creative Commons or stock photo sites, but isn’t it better to have pictures of real people at your own actions?

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Carlos Odio is Managing Director of the Florida Alliance, and previously served as Candidate Project Director at NOI (New Organizing Institute)

twitter –carlosodio


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