Media Podcasts with Dorie Clark

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Media Podcasts with Dorie Clark

Why you Campaign needs a written Media Relations Policy- Dorie Clark In your campaign or company, who’s authorized to speak to the media? Do you know? Do they?
The Media Echo Chamber – Dorie Clark  Does it ever seem like all the media are talking about the same issue at the same time? How does the “echo chamber” work? Is there a way you can harness its power?
How to Prepare for Live Radio Interviews – Dorie Clark You’re going to be interviewed on the radio–live!  How to prepare your soundbites, ready yourself for a combative host, and get your message across successfully.
How to Create Your Crisis Response Plan – Dorie Clark Every company and candidate needs a crisis response plan. How do you create yours, and what steps should you take now?
Why you Should Always Give Reporters your Cell Phone Numbers – Dorie Clark Some political campaigns take an adversarial stance toward the press–ignore them, because they’ll attack you, anyway. You’ll learn why giving the media more access–including offering up your cell number–is key to developing respectful and mutually-beneficial relations with the media.
What to do When Reporters Screw Up – Dorie Clark Let’s face it: reporters are human, and sometimes they make mistakes. How to handle the situation without losing your cool or creating a permanent enemy? Learn how best to approach reporters, ask for corrections, and when to call in the editor.
How to Prevent Reporters from Misquoting You – Dorie Clark Most reporters are great–but not all. How to protect yourself from rogue (or incompetent) journalists.
How to Get Reporter to Give you the Benefit of the Doubt- Dorie Clark How do you get reporters to give you the benefit of the doubt? How to build solid and trusting relationships with the press? The goal? To ensure that when a story’s breaking, they’re calling you and giving you a fair chance to make your case.
Making Friends with the Media and Dealing with Off the Record  How can you improve your media coverage and build positive relationships with reporters? How do you navigate the rocky shoals of going “off the record”?
Making “Off the Record” Work for You – Dorie Clark “Off the record” interviews are dangerous territory. But when done right, they can help your campaign.  How to master the art and have reporters work with you–not against you?
What Traditional Media Coverage Will – And Won’t do for You- Dorie Clark With all the focus on social media, is there still a role for traditional media? Should your company bother to reach out?
Preparing for and Respond to Attacks – Dorie Clark It’s the nature of  politics — you’ll likely be attacked by your opponent. How to get ready, block the blows, and fight back?
What to do When a Crisis Breaks – Dorie Clark The worst has happened – a crisis has hit your companyor campaign. What do you do *now* to respond?
How to Prevent a Media Crisis from Exploding – Dorie Clark How do you prevent a media crisis from turning into an explosive, multi-day story?
How to Exploit your Opponents’ Crisis to Help Prevent your Own – Dorie Clark How do you respond nimbly and opportunistically to your opponents’ and competitors’ crises?
How to Control the Terms of Media Disclosure – Dorie Clark You have negative information to reveal. How can you control the terms of media disclosure and make the news event unfold your way?


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