Messaging and Communication – Podcasts with Dorie Clark

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Messaging and Communication – Podcasts with Dorie Clark

Creating Your Message-Why Me and Why Now- Dorie Clark All political candidates have to develop a compelling message that tells voters “why me” and “why now.”  How to create a powerful message and campaign theme.

Creating Your Message with the 27-9-3 – Dorie Clark How do you create an effective message for your campaign  in less than 10 seconds? Try the 27-9-3 technique, originally pioneered by a group of Vermont legislators.

The Telling Detail and the Essence of Your Message – Dorie Clark Is your message memorable? Does it resonate with voters? Learn about the power of the “telling detail” and how to harness the essence of your message.

Elevator Pitches and the Power of Storytelling- Dorie Clark How do you introduce yourself to new potential voters–in 10 seconds or less?  How to create a compelling elevator pitch, use the “27-9-3” messaging technique, and leverage the power of storytelling.

Message Development and SWOT Analysis- Dorie Clark What are your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats? And how can you use them to create a powerful message? How to create a message that resonates.

Taking Control of Your Message – Dorie Clark You’ve developed your brand–now, how do you take control of your message?  Learn effective strategies that will help you stay on message and market yourself powerfully.

Messaging and Finding Common Ground with the Voters – Dorie Clark  What if your political agenda differs from your voters’?

Message Discipline – Dorie Clark  Message discipline–that is, staying on message and avoiding messy course corrections and public disputes–is key to successful campaigns and product launches. Media and marketing expert Dorie Clark discusses the example of the Clinton and Bush Administrations, parsing where they succeeded and failed

The C’s of Message Development – Dorie Clark  Want to develop a powerful message? Learn the “5 C’s” technique of media relations.

What to do When you Hold an Unpopular Position – Dorie Clark If you’re a political candidate, your views aren’t always going to be popular, and they won’t always be in sync with your electorate. How to stay true to your beliefs and still win voters’ hearts.

The Truth abou Howard Deans Scream – Dorie Clark What’s the truth behind Howard Dean’s famous “Iowa Scream”? Hear an insider take from Dorie Clark, Dean’s New Hampshire Communications Director, and learn what really happened.

Why Going Off the Record is Almost Always a Bad Idea – Dorie Clark Why going “off the record” with reporters is almost always a bad idea.

How to Create a Communicatioins Calendar? – Dorie Clark What’s the secret to strategic, proactive communications? Creating your organization’s communications calendar! But how to do it?


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