Persuading Voters to Vote for You by Mario Piscatella

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Persuading Voters to Vote for You by Mario Piscatella

Mario Piscatella 2015


Something candidates think voters will find persuasive that almost never is: Sentences like, “I’m the only candidate in the race with X amount of Y experience.”

Voters don’t care nearly as much as candidates/pundits think they do about resumes. They care about vision, values, and the perceptions of integrity & conviction.

It is more about where you want to go and less about where you’ve been. And yes, sometimes that causes people (voters) to overlook the indicators that once in office a candidate won’t deliver the vision they sold them during the campaign.


Mario Piscatella, Founder/President, MPA Political;  a comprehensive campaign consulting firm working to elect intelligent, honorable, and progressive Democrats to all levels of government. Mario graduated from San Diego State University with a BA in Political Science, He has worked on numerous campaigns for Congress, US Senate, Governor, Mayor, and inside the largest state legislature in the nation.


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