Responding to Fox News Speak by Elayne De Maria

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Responding to Fox News Speak by Elayne De Maria

You are a Democrat running for office in a down-ticket race.   It is a pleasant spring day. You are campaigning at a local event when Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly Ann Coulter all rolled into one starts shouting Fox News Speak in your face. What should you do?

Pause, Acknowledge, Respond and “Get out of Dodge”

Say  “Mm-hm ” and maybe another “Mm-hm”

Smile (show lots of teeth) and repeat “That is a very interesting point of view but I just remembered …”  (fill in with one of the following)

  • I have to wash my hair.


  • I am late for my root canal.


  •  I am having chest pains.


  •  I have to run to meeting with the undertaker to purchase a family burial plot.


  • It’s my move in monopoly.


  • I am late for the civil war reenactment.


  • My dog needs a bath.


  • I have to pick up my son at juvenile detention.


  • I am late for my AA meeting.


  • The cows need to be milked.


  • I have to update my facebook status.


Look for the exit and “Get out of Dodge”!

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Elayne De Maria, Founder of DownTicketDems; a knowledge based community to inspire and educate Democrats to run for office in down-ticket races. Elayne is passionate about getting more Democrats elected to office and has also created the following facebook pages:


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  • greendogdemo

    This is great Elayne. Very funny, and may be the best thing to do according to the circumstances you find yourself in. If it’s just one Foxie in the Henhouse, though, snap them a quick rejoinder and get back to the business at hand, with the other reporters, who may actually be interested in what you have to say. Worst case scenario, fleeing the room and that being the story.

    I usually say “thank you for sharing,” Next. If these people you met at the door, that line works too, you leave and move on the next door.

  • admin

    Great advice as always! That is why you are the expert! I just wanted to have a little fun.

    Can you imagine the headline “Candidate flees room to pick up son at juvenile detention center”?