She Who Has the Most Facebook Fans Wins by Bruce Michael Dietzen

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She Who Has the Most Facebook Fans Wins by Bruce Michael Dietzen

I was wrong.  I admit it.  A year ago I wrote an article with the same title, predicting that 75% of candidates with the most  Facebook fans would win their 2010 elections.  As it turned out, in Congress, it was only 74%, but in the Senate it was 80%. So I was off by a few percent.  Sue me.

So why on earth does the number of Facebook Fans make such a reliable indicator of winning an election?  Is it simply a factor of those Fans being more likely to vote for you? No. It’s a lot more than that… a whole lot more.

Is it because when someone becomes a Fan of your Page, an average of 130 of their Facebook Friends are notified about your Page? Yes.  Is it because when you post and tag photos and videos of you shaking hands with your Fans/Friends on your Page, an average of 130 Facebook Friends for each Fan/Friend will view those photos and videos?  Yes.

Is it because your website is worthless the day after the election, but the Fanbase on your Facebook Page just keeps growing year after year, election after election? Yes. (e.g. Obama’s Facebook Fanbase has grown ten times larger since November 2008.)

Is it because you can engage your Fans in online activities that promote your campaign by asking them to share things like your campaign videos with their friends? Yes.  Is it because Facebook is an interactive medium, and every time your Fans “Comment” on or “Like” content on your Page, their Facebook Friends see it too?  Yes.

If you’ve wondered why Facebook was recently valued at $50 billion, there’s good reason.  Facebook is the undisputed leader in “Social Advertising,” where Fans (intentionally and unintentionally) often help spread the word.   Facebook has taken the old and trusted method of “word of mouth” advertising and added lots and lots steroids, whereby a single Fan can now (intentionally or unintentionally) help to spread hundreds if not thousands of positive messages for you.

That’s why “She Who Has the Most Facebook Fans Wins.” So for you, the candidate, it’s critical that you do everything in your power, as soon as you can, to start building your Fanbase.   Don’t waste your time and money on a website (that’s so 2004!).  Anything that can be created on a website can be created on a Facebook Page.  Focus on Facebook and get started now.

Bruce Michael Dietzen creates custom Facebook Pages for political candidates, which engage online supporters to take positive online actions. 305 394 1105


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