Take Away from the Consultants Cabal by Brad Chism

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Take Away from the Consultants Cabal by Brad Chism

Brad Chism

The American Association of Political Consultants met in San Diego for its annual conference in early April 2014.  As you may know, this is a bipartisan trade association of political professionals that meets annually to share industry updates, compare best practices and give a series of awards to the best political consulting work from the previous year. Below is our unofficial recap of the highlights of three days of seminars, lectures and occasional cocktail chatter.

  • Democrats’ advantage in research-based “Best Practices” in voter communications is diminishing. Republicans used social pressure mailers to habitual early voters in FL 13  to secure a win in that high profile race.

  • The GOP brand is the worst it’s ever been and is almost hopeless with the Rising American Electorate. Republican consultants will de-emphasize party label in tight races and cross their fingers that the RAE stays home this midterm election.

  • Obamacare is toxic in tight races. The best way for progressives to fight back is to remind swing voters that the villians (insurance companies, etc.) want to be able to charge women more for coverage, impose lifetime caps on coverage and deny pre-existing conditions.

  • Minimum wage hike and pay equity are winning issues all over. Economic populism works even in Red States!

  • Ignore the Hispanic vote at your own peril. Nearly a dozen Hispanics will have registered to vote in the time it takes to read this email. But seriously, Univision has some great info on the Unvision website.

  • Facebook is rolling out a new tool to allow for mass, self serve uploads of voter files for matching with Facebook users.

  • The free ride for candidate Facebook updates is probably over. Not-so-subtle changes in the Facebook logarithms have reduced the number of fans who see candidate or organization’s page updates at no cost. Mark Zuckerberg wants us to pay to play.

  • The growth in political communications is with “new media,” as evidenced by the AAPC awards competition: New media had more awards categories and more firms submitting case studies to be judged than ever before.

  • Twitter has grown from novel to essential. The best campaigns monitor Twitter for an instant feedback loop. They have developed protocols so tweets look like spontaneous reactions to events on the campaign trail when in fact the tweets have been planned and canned for multiple scenarios.

We took lots of notes and secured several slide decks from the presentations. Just click here if you would like more information on one of the bullet points referenced above.

And as always, we invite you to join our voter research conversation on Twitter @ChismStrat

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