The Best Candidate by William Berry

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The Best Candidate by William Berry

William Berry

 You’re the most experienced. Best qualified. Best leader.You’ve got the right endorsements.There is just one problem.

Voters don’t know any of this about you.

Yes, the tiny group of insiders in your community may know this about you – but that’s less than 1% of the votes that you need to win.

How do you get voters to know you and remember you?

Listing your resume and organizations you belong to will put voters to sleep. They won’t read it, and they don’t care.

Bombarding voters with data and information will actually make voters less inclined to remember you and to vote for you (research backs that up).

The best way to get voters to know and remember you is to tell your simple, personal and compelling story, and mesh that story into everything your campaign states and writes.

Stories are memorable. Stories share a part of who you are. Stories inspire.

Those who vie for the public’s attention use short stories every day

• Target’s story is the chic alternative to Wal-Mart

• Prius’ story is about the eco-conscious driver

• The Chicago Cubs’ story is about lovable losers

• Texas’ story is of rugged independence

• Nordstrom’s story is all about customer service

• Avis’ story is about being #2 – and having to try harder

Do you remember what convinced you to first join Facebook?

If you are like many of us, you joined because a friend or family member told you a story about an old boyfriend they reconnected with or a recent picture of your baby niece.

The point is, you didn’t join Facebook after doing hours of research and investigating which was the best social network.

Stories are memorable. And stories are passed on from person-to-person.

What first comes to mind when you think of any of the below? Those opinions usually came because of stories that were told to you about them:


Whole Foods


In and Out Burger Jeremy Linn

Famous Amos Cookies Apple

FOX News

Ben and Jerry’s

When preparing your story, keep the following in mind:

• Keep it personal with emotion

•Too many facts get in the way of a good story

• A good story always beats a good lecture

William Berry, Founder of William Berry Campaigns (WBC) has run political campaigns for candidates and ballot measures for over 20 years. Bill has been a team member on over 250 campaigns in 14 states.  WBC is the recipient of over 30 Pollie Awards for political direct mail and winner of over 70 national awards for design and advertising.  

William Berry Campaigns      916-553-4980


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