What your message says about You by William Berry

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What your message says about You by William Berry

Voters can learn everything they need to know about a candidate in only a few words. To illustrate, let’s play a game.  Suppose I told you that my sister is running for office and is a devoted Whole Foods Market shopper. With just that one piece of information, you probably make certain assumptions about her.

What would you say about:
•    What type of car she drives?
•    Her political party?
•    Her level of education?
•    Does she belong to a gym?
•    What are some of her favorite T.V. channels and shows?
•    Does she read the local newspaper?
•    Is she a big user of social media?
•    Is she a vegetarian?

Even if you did not guess the correct answers, the key is that people’s assumption that they can sum up my sister and who she is simply by knowing where she buys her lettuce. 
Because voters read very little about candidates and remember even less, how powerful is it to be able say so much about yourself by simply saying three words? Whole Foods Shopper.   That’s powerful.

Wouldn’t it be great if voters could describe you by simply knowing a small fact like that?  
Voters support candidates whom they believe are like themselves; people who share their values and know how they live.  And being a Whole Foods shopper says a lot to a certain type of person. I may not agree with it’s sentiment, but one of the best campaign messages I have heard is,  “Make welfare as hard to get as a building permit.”  With that one phrase, I can tell how the candidate stands on dozens of issues. And he used just ten words (you assumed the candidate was a “he,” right?).
I’m not suggesting that candidates tell voters where they do their grocery shopping.  But, they need to find ways to tell more about themselves in fewer words.

Bill Berry, Founder of William Berry Campaigns (WBC) has run political campaigns for candidates and ballot measures for over 20 years. Bill has been a team member on over 250 campaigns in 14 states.  WBC is the recipient of over 30 Pollie Awards for political direct mail and winner of over 70 national awards for design and advertising.  

 William Berry Campaigns       www.wbcampaigns.net    916-553-4980



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