Why Direct Mail Still Matters by Hal Malchow

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Why Direct Mail Still Matters by Hal Malchow

Hal Malchow

Excerpt from the forward of The Campaign Workshop’s new ebook  “Political Direct Mail in a Digital Age”

Why is it important to understand mail? In 2013, I was interviewed on NPR to answer a fundamental question. In this age of digital communication where messaging is instant and free why do we even need mail? The answer is that the technologies that have made communication instant and easy have made direct mail more important than ever. Let me explain.

Technology has empowered consumers and voters to choose what advertising they see. Don’t want to watch political ads? Record and skip. Don’t want to answer political phone calls? Avoid answering calls from unknown numbers.  Don’t want to read emails? Unsubscribe or just don’t open. Don’t want to talk to canvassers at the door? Don’t answer. Well maybe looking out the window is not new technology.

But the result of all these changes is that reaching voters with a political message becomes harder every year. Technology can block TV ads, phone calls and emails. Today, 30% of voters are barely watching TV ads at all. Reaching 25% of the voters on the phones is tough. Door to door canvassing? Contacting 10% is a good result. Mail is the only remaining advertising medium that can reach every targeted voter. And not only is technology powerless to block access to your mailbox, advanced analytical database tools have made it much easier to deliver mail to exactly the voters you need.

Want to learn more. Download “Political Direct Mail in a Digital Age” ebook for free from the Campaign Workshop;  a Democratic political consulting firm based in Washington DC.

Technology has made mail more important than ever. Joe Fuld, Founder, Campaign Workshop has explained mail in a short, easy to follow e-book that will help you master this medium and win your election. So get with the future. Put the ascendant medium, snail mail, on your budget and take advantage of this great book on to use mail and win your election.

Hal Malchow is a nationally recognized political consultant who has worked for candidates at the presidential level all the way down to local offices. His work has won numerous creative awards and he helped pioneer the use of statistical modeling and data mining techniques in the political arena.

Joe Fuld is president of The Campaign Workshop. He is  known for his creativity and commitment to the causes and campaigns he works on. He has produced award winning direct mail, digital and creative strategies. Prior to becoming a Democratic political consultant, Joe served as the Northeast Political Director at the Democratic National Committee in 1996, and between 1991 and 1995 managed 10 Democratic political campaigns throughout the country.

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