You want to be a Social Media Consulting Guru to Campaigns by Brad A Schenck

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You want to be a Social Media Consulting Guru to Campaigns by Brad A Schenck

I hear it a lot. It’s on the Twitters and on Facebook. It’s someone who has an “interest” in new or social media and politics. Now they want to be a political campaign social media tech guru. They read Plouffe’s book and added digital strategist to their linked in.
Here are a few things I’ve noticed and my advices to follow.

  • Many of these people are not reading content from thought leaders.
  • Most of them do not understand how broad and diverse the term new media is.
  • Many of them have never made a phone call for a political campaign.
  • Most of them have never knocked on a door for a political campaign.
  • Many of them throw around meaningless jargon.
  • Most of them have not worked in either the tech or craft side of new media (are you a developer, writer or videographer?)

If you are someone that wants to be a new media expert that works on campaigns I suggest starting here:

Go phone bank. (If you don’t know what this means you are in worse a place than you knew.)
Go Canvass. If you don’t understand these basic principles of a campaign you will fail to understand the complexities and nuances of communication. I’m not saying canvass once. I’m saying go out every weekend for a month or cycle.

Start reading blogs of new media thought leaders. Here are few that come highly recommended-
Chris Brogan
Ragan’s PR Daily
Wrap your head around what in new media you want to do. Decide what skills you need to hone. Will you work writing emails, developing sites or selling online ads? Should you go back to school or adjust your major if you are in school? Should you consider interning with a company or organization?

Most importantly drop the jargon you sound like a tool.

An extra note: Yes the terms are changing. Digital and digital strategy will be everywhere. If you haven’t worked in the field before do not add digital strategist to your title. Once you have strategized for a business or campaign feel free to. Until then stick to just digital or new media, do not sound like a tool.

Brad A Schenck is part of the digital team for OFA (Obama for America). Brad blogs about the crossroads of new media and organizing.








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