Fundraising Fundamentals, Part 2 by Dotty LeMieux

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Fundraising Fundamentals, Part 2 by Dotty LeMieux

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Making the follow up phone call

So you have your list in hand, and you’re ready to make those calls. Here are some tips for making the calls count, and the campaign cash register go ka-ching.

1. Know who you are calling. Have some information about the potential donor. What are they capable of giving? What have they given in the past? What is your relationship with the person?

Is this someone you know well, or a relative stranger who has donated to others in the past but not you yet?

2. Start with the basics, why you are calling, how you know the person (or got their name); if it’s a close friend or family member, make some small talk, but not too much.

If it’s someone who are “cold calling” get right to the point. You are following up on your fund appeal letter or email, and asking for their contribution to your campaign.

You can add that you are a friend of so and so, or have similar values to so and so whom they have donated to before, or that you are highlighting an issue you know they care about in your campaign to spark their interest. Also mention what you need funds for -a mailing, a poll, some literature to walk precincts with. You want them to know their money will be put to good work.

3. Ask for the specific amount you think the person can afford.

4. Then Shut Up. Wait.

Wait for them to speak next. They may ask for more information, and you will offer it or refer them to your website. They may ask for the letter to be sent again. If so, get it right out with another envelope and a personal note.

They may turn you down cold. If so, ask if you might use their name as an endorser, unless they make it clear they are supporting someone else.

But – and this happens often enough if you are doing it right that you will feel rewarded – they will offer you a smaller amount than what you asked for, but more than you would have got if you never made the call.

5. Thank them profusely, ask to use their name on your endorsement list, and make sure you collect the money in a timely manner.

Dotty E. LeMieux runs GreenDog Campaigns, a full service consulting firm in northern California.   LeMieux’s advice has taken women and first time candidates to victory in tough elections.   She also gives training seminars to candidates and their staffs and is available for consultation. Dotty has taught Practical Politics at the College of Marin and trained activists for groups such as The Sierra Club, Democratic Party, National Women’s Political Caucus, Emerge California and others.

See her new blog for the savvy political woman with sass!  Campaign Slut

Green Dog Campaigns           8 Willow Street         San Rafael, CA 94901

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