Fundraising Tips for Candidates by Stacey Chavis

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Fundraising Tips for Candidates by Stacey Chavis

1. Ask and Ask again
You must ask for your campaign contributions.

2. Get Organized
Organized your contacts, addresses, numbers and email addresses in a spreadsheet or database.

3. Recruit a Finance Committee
Recruit family, friends, colleagues, business leaders and community leaders to raise money from their contacts.

 4. Be Specific
Ask for a specific amount of money and then be quiet until the other person answers.

 5. Follow-Up
Send emails, faxes, letters, texts and phone calls to follow-up on pledges and get the money in the door.

6. Say Thank YOU!
Always say Thank YOU for each and every contribution you receive. Someone sacrificed and contributed their hard earn money to your campaign and dream.

Stacey Chavis,  Chief Strategy Officer with the Campaigns Academy. The Campaigns Academy prepares leaders to serve in elected or appointed office and serve in leadership positions for political candidates and campaigns with signature Bootcamp trainings. The Bootcamp trainings areas include: Campaign Planning, Fundraising, Communications/Messaging and Field/GOTV. She also assists candidates with campaign strategy, planning and development.

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