Show me the Money by Dallas Thompson

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Show me the Money by Dallas Thompson

Dallas Thompson

Nothing seems to terrify folks in the progressive community more than asking for money. I’ve watched organizers who could pull together a rally for thousands in a day, quiver at the thought of actually asking someone to write a check. Why? The skills you use to organize are very similar to the skills you need to be successful at fundraising. With a little practice, you can be on your way to raising money for your cause or organization.

  • Listen. It sounds counter-intuitive, but often, raising money is about listening. What do the folks care about? What makes them excited? What matters to them?
  • Be prepared. You wouldn’t just go walk around a neighborhood and knock on random doors for a canvass. Just like you plan and prep for a canvass, you need to prep for raising money. Make sure you know your facts and be prepared with a small script. It can be something incredibly simple, but having something to fall back on will help when you get flustered. A sample script for a simple, low-dollar ask might just be a couple of sentences. “Hi, welcome to our NOI Happy Hour. We’re asking folks to consider a $10 donation!” It can be that simple.
  • Make the ask. Just do it! It’s as simple as that. Just like asking someone to volunteer, asking for a financial contribution is giving them the opportunity to make a difference for a cause they care about. You’re actually doing them a favor by giving them the chance to invest in something that matters to them.
  • Rejection isn’t personal. You’ve got to get 9 nopes to get to a yes. Every no just gets you one step closer… Keep going. You’ll be fine! Fundraising can be intimidating, but if you’re a badass organizer, you’ve got what it takes to be a badass fundraiser.

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