Asking the Right Questions by Mario Piscatella

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Asking the Right Questions by Mario Piscatella

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Hot tip: When thinking about running for office, asking people if you should run isn’t the question, it’s a smart preface to the real question: Will you support me if I run for specific_office_here? And nope, you aren’t done. The necessary follow-ups are: Will you sign a letter to your friends, neighbors, and community supporting my campaign? & Will you give your time and money to help me win?

I’ve crossed a number of candidates in the past couple years that got this wrong. I don’t believe that a single one of them went on to win. If you know someone thinking about running, make sure they ask the right questions.


Mario Piscatella, Founder/President, MPA Political;  a comprehensive campaign consulting firm working to elect intelligent, honorable, and progressive Democrats to all levels of government. Mario graduated from San Diego State University with a BA in Political Science, He has worked on numerous campaigns for Congress, US Senate, Governor, Mayor, and inside the largest state legislature in the nation.


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