Carry Multiple Clip Boards by Evan Sutton

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Carry Multiple Clip Boards by Evan Sutton

If you’re organizing in the field, you’ll probably spend some time at rallies, events, and outside supermarkets signing people up for things. Regardless of your goal (collecting signatures to get your candidate or issue on the ballot, building a petition, registering voters…), there’s a simple step to ensure that you’re able to efficiently collect as many signatures as possible:

Carry multiple clipboards.

Once I started implementing this on high-traffic canvasses, I saw concrete benefits immediately. Before, I would often have people wander off because they didn’t want to wait for someone to finish signing, but with extra clipboards I was able to move people through quickly and efficiently.

It may seem obvious, but I’d been organizing for almost a year before I saw someone do this, and I often see organizers with just one clipboard.

So if you’re canvassing a high-traffic area or event, just bring 2 or more clipboards with all the same materials. More people will sign if they don’t have to wait for someone else to finish, and you can more easily engage other passersby while someone else is signing!

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