Don’t Forget the Basics on Election Day by Donny Bridges

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Don’t Forget the Basics on Election Day by Donny Bridges

Donny Bridges, NOI

Election Day is hectic, to put it mildly. In all of the excitement of the big day, you’ve probably got so much going through your mind that it’s easy to forget some very basic details. Before the madness begins, take a couple minutes to make sure you’ve got these simple tasks covered.

  • Make sure you have your phone charger with you. Communication is key to making sure your campaign’s resources are being used effectively. Having a phone charger with you at all times ensures that a dead battery will never leave you out of reach.

  • Have a hard copy of all important phone numbers. Even if your phone is charged, it will be no use to you if it gets left at a staging location (or thrown in the river in a fit of frustration). Having a printed copy of the numbers you need ensures that you can still get in contact with people even if Murphy’s Law strikes.

  • Don’t forget to fill up your gas tank the night before. Same for any cars that will be used to shuttle around voters or volunteers. Every minute counts while polls are open, so make sure you’re not wasting them at the pump.

Follow these simple tips and you’re on your way to a less hectic Election Day.

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