Getting Voters to Pay Attention to Campaign Signs by Ben Donahower

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Getting Voters to Pay Attention to Campaign Signs by Ben Donahower

Psychological Experiment

There is an experiment that asks you to watch a video and count the number of times that people with shirts pass across the center of the screen.

Passing the basketball

 But what did you miss?

Chances are if you watched the video first you might have been able  to count the number of times people wearing white shirts passed the center of the screen but you would have missed something very interesting in the process.

…….namely, a gorilla.

Yes, a gorilla


 Moral of the story…….

People don’t see your yard signs because they aren’t looking for them. Here’s how to change  that:

  • Ask people to look for them.
  • Make your sign unique or distribute them wisely so voter can’t help but to notice them.
  • Integrate your yard signs with the rest of your political marketing efforts.


Ben Donahower is the founder of Campaign Trail Yard Signs, which cuts through the campaign yard sign confusion. What do lawn signs do well? When are they more trouble than they are worth? Just honest answers, so that you order useful political yard signs in the quantity your campaign needs. Ben is an authority on marketing for political organizations and has worked on campaigns from borough council to President
Follow Ben on Twitter  @iapprovethismsg

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