Give Canvassers Your Phone Number by Tom Lotito

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Give Canvassers Your Phone Number by Tom Lotito

Tom Lottito

Have you ever sent folks out to canvass, only to have them come back 40 minutes later without knocking a single door? Maybe they got lost and couldn’t find the location. Or maybe there was something weird about their packet that they couldn’t figure out. And so they came back to the office.

There’s a very simple way to prevent this situation: Print the field organizer’s number on the canvass packet!

You could print it on the top of the script. You can print it as part of the turf name if you’re using VAN. You can hand-write it or print it on the directions. Whatever you do, make sure the phone number for the organizer (or staging location director) is in every canvasser’s hands. If they run into trouble they can call to troubleshoot, rather than just coming back.
If you’re using the buddy system, provide a place for them to write their partner’s name and number, too, in case they get separated.

Finally, take a minute in your training session to point out the phone number. It doesn’t do any good if canvassers don’t know it’s there!

When canvassers can easily reach the organizer to ask questions, they’ll stay out in the field instead of coming back when they hit a roadblock.

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Tom Lotito is an alumnus of New Organizing Institute’s (NOI)  New Media #BootCamp6, and a veteran canvasser. NOI trains organizers to build and manage effective movements by integrating tried-and-true community organizing, cutting-edge digital strategy, and data-driven decision making. NOI provide free access to revolutionary tools, technologies, and research to help campaigns reach the next level.

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