Make an Election Day Timeline by Deepa Kunapuli

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Make an Election Day Timeline by Deepa Kunapuli

Deepa Kunapuli, NOI

It’s the final countdown – just 14 days until Election Day. While there are a million things left to do, it’s important to prioritize what needs to happen on Election Day, and have your plan in place ahead of time.
By scheduling all of your Election Day activities ahead of time, you’re ensuring that things won’t fall through the cracks on Election Day. Every organization and campaign is going to have a slightly different timeline for the big day, but the most important things to remember are consistent.

We’ve got an Election Day timeline you can download here to help with your planning. The document can help you get a handle on everything that needs to be covered, and has a sample timeline for you to use as a guide. (You can also find additional Election Day materials here.)

Some quick tips:


  • Make sure you give people clear and defined responsibilities. You want your team to know exactly what’s expected of them, right? Get that clear now.

  • Install systems of accountability. If everyone is supposed to be at the office at 6 AM, assign someone to make wake-up calls. Make sure reminders are in place, and people know what needs to be reported to whom, and when.

  • Figure out transportation for all your volunteers and staff beforehand. Make a schedule of shift times and carpools – you want to make sure that everyone is going to be able to get where they need to be.

  • Designate a Comfort Captain. You want your volunteers and staff to be comfortable during the big day. Ask a super volunteer to ensure snacks and drinks stocked throughout the day.

  • Get some sleep. I know it seems like there are STILL a million things to do before the big day, so try to get a few hours in so you can think straight when the inevitable challenges arise. And whatever you do, don’t forget to set multiple alarms to wake up.

Elections are exciting, stressful, and come with a bunch of moving pieces. By planning out your Election Day timeline now, you’ll be able to reduce the chances that something goes wrong or falls through the cracks when it counts the most.

Deepa Kunapuli, Communications Manager, New Organizing Institute (NOI). NOI trains organizers to build and manage effective movements by integrating tried-and-true community organizing, cutting-edge digital strategy, and data-driven decision making. NOI provide free access to revolutionary tools, technologies, and research to help campaigns reach the next level.

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