Maximize Volunteer Time with Staging Locations by Evan Sutton

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Maximize Volunteer Time with Staging Locations by Evan Sutton

Chances are, your office is not in the best location for sending volunteers into the field.

Think about it. A volunteer comes to your office for a canvass. But she has to drive 20 minutes to get to the office, and then 20 minutes back to the turf. By the time she’s done that, 40 minutes of a two hour shift have been used without knocking on a single door!

Launching an action from a staging location is simple.

1. Find a place that’s central to where you’re planning to canvass

2. Ask volunteers from the area to meet you there, and give them specific instructions (like, at the picnic table near the corner of X st and 19th Ave)

3. Arrive early with your materials

4. Send volunteers into the field!

Staging locations don’t have to be fancy, or even permanent. Use a coffee shop, a park, a volunteer’s home – anywhere that’s near your volunteers and close to the turf you’ll be working in. Volunteers will appreciate that you took time to save them time, and you’ll get more productive events because people will spend more time talking to constituents and less time driving back and forth!

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