Must Haves to Run for Office by Elayne De Maria

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Must Haves to Run for Office by Elayne De Maria

The following was taken from a presentation that Lucinda Guinn. VP of Campaigns of EMILY’S List gave to the Democratic Women of NC, Region 6 and the United Women for Change.

Since that dreadful day in November 2016, over 12,000 women have reached out to EMILY’S List’s to say they want to run for office. I bet you think they are all rich or have rich friends and are super extroverted.  Being rich and the life of the party are nice but they aren’t the must haves.

The must haves are integrity, passion, energy, commitment, a willingness to ask for help/to learn and to work long hours. And last but not least, if you don’t already have one, a willingness to grow some thick skin.

If you have all of the above, the time is now to begin.

  1. Think about what motivates you to run. Start to think about the story that brought you to this decision. What are you fighting for?  
  2. Get comfortable talking about yourself. Women are not as comfortable talking about themselves as men.
  3. Show up everywhere.  Volunteer for a campaign.
  4. Organize and grow all of these new contacts which are now your army of friends.
  5. Tighten up your social media and post with a purpose. Make sure everyone knows about the the issues you are passionate about. By doing this you are developing your brand. Take down anything that doesn’t support your brand.
  6. Get training. You can’t operate a cash register without training!  You can not run an effective campaign without knowing the “Dos and Don’ts”.  Read everything you can get your hands on regarding political campaigns. In the long run, this will save you time and money.

While the candidate is doing all of the above, what can we do to get more women elected?  The usual response is give money, knock on doors and make phone calls. But maybe we need to give women the time to run;  bring over a meal, help with homework, pick the children up after school so that candidate can attend meetings, speaking engagements and fund raise.

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Lucinda Guinn, Vice President of Campaigns, EMILY’S List where she oversees all of  the group’s efforts to elect pro-choice Democratic women to local, state and federal office.

Previously, Lucinda served as EMILY’S List’s  Vice President of Independent Expenditures where  she ran WOMEN VOTE which works to educate and mobilize women voters on behalf of pro-choice Democratic Women candidates.

Elayne De Maria, Founder DownTicketDems; a knowledge based community to inspire and educate Democrats to run for office in down-ticket races.


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