Passion and Courage by Mario Piscatella

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Passion and Courage by Mario Piscatella

Mario Piscatella

When a candidate, particularly one seeking a promotion to higher office, changes all of their positions to match popular positions of their new electorate, that isn’t being right, it’s being an opportunitist.

Truly worthy candidates have lived and demonstrated their values throughout their lives/careers. In some cases, you will be able to see the courage of their convictions tested under pressure.

In the best cases, they won’t just vote the right way, they will be passionate and courageous advocates for what they believe to be right and just.

This isn’t to say that candidates can’t have evolved on an issue, or shifted a position on this or that, it is to say that the bulk of their values should not be subject to wholesale change based on the electorate they are facing.

This is also not the same as voters changing their positions, party, or values. The two should never be equated. One is seeking the public trust, the other is a member of the public.


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