Progressive Passion by Mario Piscatella

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Progressive Passion by Mario Piscatella

Mario Piscatella 2015


One of the things I’ve been talking about for years is that most Democratic strategists, and the organizations that act on their wisdom (ie State Party orgs) have the understanding of “red areas” upside down. The redder the area, the more liberal the activists/Democratic base is likely to be in that community.

Appealing to them with moderate/right leaning Democratic candidates will not win elections, and it won’t even expand the support base for Democrats in future elections.

I found this to be true in red areas of California, statewide in Utah, in western Iowa, western Virginia, and throughout the midwest.

If you want to engage and activate those that are so starved for champions, you have to bring the passion for progressive values without reservation. You can’t pull your punches and try to soften your pitch to try to win votes from the other side – elections do not work that way.

It may take more than one cycle in some regions/districts, but if we want to win back the long neglected red areas, we have to go after them with conviction, not capitulation.

Bernie Sanders is putting voice to their values. He’s telling them there is a path forward. He’s showing them that he isn’t afraid of the conventional wisdom or the establishment forces and he will gladly join them in their efforts to turn progressive values into American law.

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