Rules for Campaign Staffers by Will Robinson

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Rules for Campaign Staffers by Will Robinson

1. If it’s not in writing it doesn’t exist.

2. No such thing as “off the record.” (Reporters are not your friends!)

3. Do not hold a private conversation in a public place. (This includes cellular phones and planes!)

4. Don’t believe any number that ends in zero.

5. Never turn down an opportunity to eat or go to the bathroom. (Don’t eat anything that you don’t recognize or can’t pronounce.)

6. Don’t spend any of your own money. (Personal) Don’t even admit you own a credit card. Don’t spend money that is not yours. (Authorized)

7. Not always a “right” or “wrong” answer – “It depends”

8. In a campaign, someone has to be in charge – campaigns are a place to foster democracy, not practice it.

9. Assume nothing.

10. If you make a mistake, fix it before analyzing, etc. (Bad news doesn’t age well)

Will Robinson, Founding Partner, New Media Firm;  a full service political and media consulting and advertising agency specializing in the integration of television, radio and new media for Democratic candidates and progressive groups. Will is a nationally recognized political media consultant and was named the AAPC Democratic Campaign Strategist of the Year for 2012.

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  • sandra ramos

    Fantastic advice. This can be turned into a book! I vote for adding always keep your car clean and another former staffer friend added always have back up everythings – pens, directions to events, duct tape, everything.