Save your Campaign Stats Immediately by Sarah Baker

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Save your Campaign Stats Immediately by Sarah Baker

Sarah Baker

After Election Day, and after a well-deserved fourteen-hour nap, most campaign staffers immediately shift their attention to their next move. Whether it’s planning a transition or looking for a new job — this is the life we chose, or rather the life that chose us.

But before you are fully immersed in your next project, take a moment to note the specific things you accomplished on the last campaign. Regardless of your role or how many votes your candidate received, you accomplished something that will be worth mentioning in a future job interview, strategy session, or bestselling memoir. Write those things down, and then email them to yourself with keywords so you can easily find the info later.

Track both quantitative and qualitative information. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some questions to get you going:

  • How many volunteers did you recruit and manage? (And how many door knocks, phone calls, and house parties were those volunteers responsible for?)
  • How much money did you raise?
  • Did you run an experiment? What was the outcome?
  • By how much did you grow the campaign’s email list and social media following?
  • How many press hits did you land and in what publications?
  • Did you forge new alliances in the community?
  • What were specific roadblocks that you worked through? / How did you creatively solve problems?
  • How many yard signs did you persuade to vote for your candidate? (jklol)

Once you do some calculations and write all of that stuff down, you’ll be ready to tackle your next adventure without that nagging feeling that you’ve forgotten to do something. Unless you forgot to lock your front door. Did you? You should probably go home and check just to be sure.

Save your Campaign Stats Immediately

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