Simple Steps to Elect Democrats by Mark L. Coggins

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Simple Steps to Elect Democrats by Mark L. Coggins

Mark L Coggins

Simple Steps to Elect Democrats

  1. Every Democratic organization must get organized or better organized.
  2. Create a Facebook page for your organization.
  3. Get lots of Volunteers and compile a list of them. Gather the following: Mailing addresses plus phone numbers, email addresses. Keep the volunteers busy and give plenty of praise for jobs well done.
  4. Make a list of all volunteers that are on Facebook and like them from your organization’s Facebook page. Then when something is posted on your organization’s Facebook timeline they will receive a notice. Facebook allows you to post events as well as lots of photos.
  5. Get lots of Voter Registration Forms from your local Board of Elections. One thing that I do is highlight in yellow all the required information on the Voter Registration Forms, it helps make sure nothing is missed and it also helps those registering fill out the forms a little faster.
  6. Have lots of Voter Registration Drives throughout the year. Select locations where lots of people congregate. Example: Soccer fields, housing complex, schools, senior centers, shopping centers (Walmart), etc. Always get permission to pass out the Voter Registration Forms.
  7. Candidates should be recruited for every office that someone does not come forward to fill. The organization should have someone running for every office. Start this process long before the filing date for offices.
  8. Inform the candidates how the organization can help them. Mainly help get their message out and meet the voters. Determine the best method for each candidate to win the office they are running for: Door to door, e-mails, post on Facebook, phone bank, meet the candidate events, town hall meeting, etc.
  1. Train and coach all candidates for the type of office they are running for and type of events they will encounter.
  2. Make a list of three or more important issues for each candidate, that are important in your area. Sometimes these issues may change on the run up to the election.
  3. Create a timeline when things should be done and post it at your headquarters.
  4. Host events as needed.
  5. Conduct meetings as per the need of your organization.
  6. Determine where and how volunteers will be used based on their skills, keep them busy.
  7. Create a list of very important jobs and who will fills the positions.
  8. Compile a list of fund raising events that work best in your area. Compile a list of large Donors. Raise funds as per the needs of your organization and candidates.
  9. Review the operations of your headquarters, timeline and fund raising at least once every month, revise as needed.
  10. Post a map with all voting locations well marked, their names as well as their addresses.
  11. Follow the guideline for Blue Sample Ballot Campaign in designing the your ballots.
  12. Design the Blue Sample Ballots for your organization and see if the candidates will pay for them.
  13. Make a list of who will pass out Blue Sample ballots at the polling locations.
  14. Make a list of who can help get voters to the polls, as well of drivers.
  15. Spread the word that those without transportation can call the headquarters and get rides to the polls.
  16. Compile a list of those that will need transportation to the polls and call them a couple of days before the election to see if they still need transportation.
  17. Go vote and get everyone else to vote.
  1. If Democrats Vote We Win!


I have found one thing that we should do that the other party does and that is elect people at the lowest level and if they look promising they encourage them to run for higher offices, again and again.

Proud Democrat Mark L Coggins Lee County, NC


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