Those Pesky Questionnaires by Dottie LeMieux

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Those Pesky Questionnaires by Dottie LeMieux

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Campaign questionnaires. You know what I mean.  Every group that endorses in your race is sending you a million questions about where you stand on their particular set of issues, as well as how you will finance your campaign, who’s on your team, what your experience is and a dozen other queries.

You are sick of them and tempted to write the shortest answer you can. Well, the last tip did say “less is more,” but in this case, just the right amount is right. That is, you don’t need to go into long philosophical arguments on your viewpoints on every topic, but do give enough information to let the readers know where you stand.

Yes, you can use the same background information on multiple questionnaires, but take the time to answer the particular questions thoroughly, including any disagreements you may have with certain of their positions, and how you will still keep an open mind.

Word of caution.  Be careful, as you must be in appearances and in your messaging, to be consistent. Don’t say one thing to one group, such as telling the Chamber of Commerce you’re all for more big businesses opening up downtown, while you tell the Sierra Club it’s time for a moratorium on commercial enterprises.

But you would never do that, as you are a thoughtful campaigner with a trusted team of campaign allies advising you. Make sure someone reviews and proofreads the questionnaires and that you always get them in on time. Neatness counts.

Dotty E. LeMieux runs GreenDog Campaigns, a full service consulting firm in northern California.   LeMieux’s advice has taken women and first time candidates to victory in tough elections.   She also gives training seminars to candidates and their staffs and is available for consultation. Dotty has taught Practical Politics at the College of Marin and trained activists for groups such as The Sierra Club, Democratic Party, National Women’s Political Caucus, Emerge California and others.

See her new blog for the savvy political woman with sass!  Campaign Slut

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