Top 3 Tips Mr Bean Can Give You in Political Marketing by Christopher Smith

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Top 3 Tips Mr Bean Can Give You in Political Marketing by Christopher Smith

“Mr. Bean is a [British] comedy show about a man whose whole life is one funny situation after another. He hardly talks, but words are not needed. Everything he does is funny. From playing golf, going to the dentist, and going to church. Mr. Bean is a grown man, but he acts like a child. He has a stuffed bear named Teddy that he carries around with him all the time. This show is full of laugh after laugh!”

What can Mr Bean Teach you about political marketing? Now if you are reading this with a closed mind, then I can tell you now, he won’t teach you anything. Who in their right mind would elect Mr Bean as a candidate in a million years, his communication skills are practically zero, he gets himself into all sorts of trouble, and would never work well in a position of authority. Now if you look past these home truths and delve deeper into the genius of the creation behind Mr Bean’s character, you will find certain aspects of his character and of the general creation behind Mr Bean that leads to his winning charm, and selectable qualities. Now to apply these to political marketing we need to first understand the basics of this term.

Political marketing can be defined as the precise style of marketing that exists to try and entice and encourage the public to follow a certain political candidate, and follow their political or even general issues with regards to your local authority. Many of the same techniques that are used in the business world of marketing can be edited and applied to political marketing, turning the organisation into an electoral candidate. To give you a better idea, Using the Mr Bean Model, below are top 3 tips you can use from Mr Bean’s Character, or the Mr Bean brand,

Tip 1: Be Human, Be Yourself
This is one thing Mr Bean was never afraid to do, Be Human, and be himself, no matter what situation he was put into, no matter what pressure he was under, he always kept true to himself. Even when those around him tried to limit his enjoyment, and expression as a character, he always went that extra mile to get what he wanted in his way. Now I’m not saying go out of the way to market yourself as you don’t care what other people think, because you should still keep your empathy, just when it comes to other candidates, they will try to demeanour your character, and as long as you stay true to yourself, you have nothing to worry about.

Tip 2: Engage with the Audience
When it comes to performing, timing is everything. That isn’t just performing on TV, or in the theatre, that means, whenever you are presenting yourself, your timing has to be perfect. This is the tool that Mr Bean used to make people laugh; the genius behind this character is his timing, or even sometimes his incredibly bad timing. Mr Bean always held back for his punch line, and then delivered when least expecting it, thus catching the audience off guard and getting a better reaction. A great example of this is portrayed in the episode where Mr bean goes to church, there are several punch lines that are in the pipework to be delivered in this sketch, and they all come together right at the end, even though there were several teasers along the way. Now for timing in the political marketing world, timing can make or break you, what you do around worldly disasters can make you a hero or a zero. Let me give you the example, if you’re having a campaign even the day after a natural disaster happens, no matter where it is, if you are anything other than sympathetic towards this event, your popularity will take a great pounding. There is an old saying, “There is a time and a place for everything,” always consider this line before going out on campaign.

Tip 3: Image is everything
Now to change concentration to the creators behind Mr Bean, if you notice they always try to keep the constants with regards to the show the same, and if there are any drastic changes, there is an explanation behind it. For example, Mr Bean always wears the same clothes, has the same teddy bear, and always behaved in the same manner. He had this way about him, where he came across as this ignorant to the world, buffoon, but beneath this exterior lay a mastermind genius, and he played this role excellently. When going into politics the first thing you need to decide on is your image, are you going for the professional look, or are you going to try and be more in touch with the youth, this selection is vital, because once it’s selected you must stick with it. There is nothing in this world that people are more scared of than change, the thought of change inspires fear in the masses, so consistency is a must! When it comes to what type of image you are going for, just refer back to tip one, and be yourself.

These three tips are just literally the tip of the iceberg on political marketing, And it’s not just Mr Bean that can teach you a thing or two about this subject, other prominent characters in the media, or even real world politicians, can help you with your political marketing, they can inspire the way you look, speak, and react to certain situations, and although it’s great to be influenced by these people, always remember tip 1, to be yourself.

Christopher Smith, Digital Marketing Executive for BTC Group;  a promotional merchandise distributer just outside London. Christopher has been blogging for a while and is in the transition from casual blogger to professional blogger. Relatievely new to the blogging game Christopher is Interested in all types of Marketing, and will literally research anything that interests him.

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