Turning Doubt into Advantage by Donny Bridges

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Turning Doubt into Advantage by Donny Bridges

As candidates, we all have moments of doubt – doubt that we’re doing enough, doing the right things, or that what we’re doing is going to work.
It’s easy to let this doubt get in your head and make you less effective, but you can also use these moments to your advantage. Here are a couple of things that you can do to turn your doubt into an advantage.

Remember what you’ve accomplished so far. Doubt has a way of making you forget that you’ve already been doing awesome work. Take a second to reflect on what you’ve been able to get done up to this point to regain your perspective.

Take immediate action. Double check your data. Make the extra phone calls. Use the doubt as a motivator to make sure you are doing everything you can. Not only will your doubts start to subside, but you will have bettered your campaign’s chances for success with your extra work.

Work to get better. Doubt is what happens when self-examination goes awry, but it’s that same self-examination that drives us become the best at what we do. You can stave off doubt in the future by making sure you’re constantly learning new and better techniques to make you more effective. If you feel like you’re lacking in a particular skill, don’t just dwell on it – seek out ways to improve.

Donny Bridges, Deputy Director for the Candidate Project at the New Organizing Institute (NOI). NOI trains organizers to build and manage effective movements by integrating tried-and-true community organizing, cutting-edge digital strategy, and data-driven decision making. NOI provide free access to revolutionary tools, technologies, and research to help campaigns reach the next level.

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