Updating Your Resume Post-Campaign by Evan Sutton

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Updating Your Resume Post-Campaign by Evan Sutton

 Evan Sutton NOI

Now that the election is over, many of us will be updating our resumes and setting out for our next adventures.

When my first campaign ended, I had no idea what to put on my resume. Thankfully, a good friend with more campaign experience shared a great process that really helped me think it through. Here’s the advice she gave me:

  • Review your work. Think through everything you did. What were your wins? What moments or accomplishments really stick with you? What new skills did you learn? Write it all down.

  • Quantify your work. Whatever your numbers are, write them all down. How many volunteers you managed, how much money you raised online, how many events you ran, press hits you earned, etc.

  • Turn numbers into stories. One number can tell different stories. For example, if you were the lead organizer of a major rally, that could show your logistics experience, your volunteer management skills, your experience dealing with the press… Decide what you want to highlight, and choose the numbers that tell those stories.

  • Contextualize the information. Even within the political world, you can’t assume that people have the same terminology or understand the work you’ve done. Look at some job postings in the fields where you’re seeking employment, and see if you can relate your experience to what they’re seeking. It’s up to you to make sure your resume gives potential employers the context to understand what you’ve done before.

You’ll want a sharp, up to date resume, NOI (New Organizing Institute) has new resource for you called Work Forward – think of it as the Match.com for campaigning jobs — and their first big goal is to help everyone who worked on a campaign this cycle find meaningful work in the progressive movement.

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