Wrapping up Your Campaign by Joy Cushman

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Wrapping up Your Campaign by Joy Cushman

Joy Cushman NOI

You made it through Election Day! Congratulations!

But we’ve known all along that November 6 is the beginning, not the end.

Our success as organizers is judged not just by how many people we turned out, whom we elected, or what initiatives we passed. The true measure of our success is whether or not we are making real, tangible differences that improve our constituents’ lives.  That means the last phase of your electoral work is still ahead: debriefing and learning with your staff and volunteers, collecting and analyzing all your data, and transitioning your volunteers and supporters to build power for your 2013 agenda and issue campaigns.

To help you make the transition I’ve put together a sample campaign wrap up document that includes:

  • A campaign wrap up checklist for telling your story, collecting your data, debriefing and celebrating with your campaign team, transitioning staff, and closing down campaign offices
  • A template for your final data report
  • A funder report outline
  • A planning document for building on the relationships you have and preparing for 2013
  • A campaign debrief & celebration meeting agenda
  • Sample exit interview questions for your staff and key leaders

Download the document here!

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