Yard Sale Campaign Strategy by Elayne De Maria

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Yard Sale Campaign Strategy by Elayne De Maria

You need to meet the voters but “where”?  Set the alarm for very early on Saturday morning and fill up the commuter mug with caffeine because you are headed to the Saturday morning ritual of the Yard Sale.   If you love yard sales, this campaign strategy is for you.

Prepare, Engage, Document and Follow up

  • Go to the Board of Elections and get separate lists of registered voters in your district sorted by name and by street.
  • Record all of the yard sales in your district taking place on Saturday morning.
  • Once you have your addresses match it to the voter registration file by street.  If the people conducting the yard sale are registered voters, you now have their names, ages, and party affiliation.
  • Yard sales run by registered Democrats and Independents are your first priority. Visit them.
  •  Visit moving sales, estate sales and sales run by registered Republicans only if there is a large crowd of attendees. For obvious reasons, you only want to engage the attendees.
  • Wear your campaign button. Dress appropriately. Men- khaki pants and golf shirts. Ladies- whatever you wear when the men are wearing khaki pants and golf shirts.
  • At the yard sale engage the homeowners about a particular possession. Where did you get this?  My father had one of these.  When were you in the military? Who likes to fish, ski, hunt, etc.?
  • Engage attendees at the sale in similar conversation with the goal of getting their full name and ascertaining if they live in your district.
  • Create a list documenting these conversations. Match up the full names of attendees with addresses from the voter registration list by name.  If they are not in your district, discard.  If you don’t have their full names and you know they live in your district, leave them on the list because you never know when you will run into them again and can add the information.
  • For every voter with a full name and address who lives in your district that is on your list, write a handwritten note on a personalized note card saying something like It was a pleasure to meet you on Saturday at the yard sale. I enjoyed talking to you about fishing, your travels, the military, etc.  I would appreciate your support in November. I am running for _________.  
  • Indicate the date that the note was sent for each voter on your list.
  • Do not engage, document or follow up with anyone hostile to your campaign.

Yard Sales conducted by Democrats and/or Independents are great places to engage the homeowner and the attendees.

Let’s not forget that the added bonus to the Yard Sale Campaign Strategy—You get to shop!

Elayne De Maria, Founder of DownTicketDems; a knowledge based community to inspire and educate Democrats to run for office in down-ticket races. Elayne is passionate about getting more Democrats elected to office and has also created the following facebook pages:



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