Test Your Phone Scripts by Matthew “Mudcat” Arnold

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Test Your Phone Scripts by Matthew “Mudcat” Arnold

Matthew Mudcat Arnold

Like subject lines and donation button colors, phone scripts can be tested.

And why wouldn’t you? The script is the thing we train volunteers to do, organizers use it dozens of times a day, and it’s the whole content of the conversation with phone bank targets.

So next time you run a phone bank, try this:

  • Segment your phone bank lists into three treatment groups and give each a different script.

  • Randomize the volunteers assigned to each script as they come in. (I recommend having slips of paper in a coffee cup that volunteers choose when they come in numbered one through three).

  • Make sure you receive survey responses from a statistically significant number of contacts.

  • Then, compare the response rates from each of the three treatment groups.

You’ll find all sorts of interesting details. For example, maybe one script works better with certain demographic targets, while one works better for a certain geographic region.

And not only will your volunteers be happier as their calls are more successful, but even a slight performance bump (2-4%) from testing could be the difference in a close election.

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 Matthew “Mudcat” Arnold is a principal at MC Strategies. In 2012, he was the national campaign manager for the Credo SuperPAC and is a veteran of over a dozen campaigns for state and federal office. He is also a national field trainer for DFA and a member of the NOI Community.


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